Agricultural Solutions
Healthy Farms® products are agronomically, economically and environmentally friendly.

Our safe, all-natural products will improve your manure nutrient management, row crop yields and the wellness of your livestock.

Why All-Natural

Why does ‘all-natural’ matter? In addition to being sustainable and friendlier to the environment, Healthy Farms products have many direct benefits.

When treating a pit or lagoon, our all-natural products don’t fizz or foam like other applications. They sink right to the bottom of the pit and goes to work at the area in most need of treatment.

Our all-natural crop solutions introduce microbial activity into your soil, ensuring each seed planted meets its maximum potential. This natural synergy increases plants’ stress tolerance, nutrient uptake and yield potential.

Finally, our all-natural animal health products are non-antibiotic. We develop formulas that are specific to the species, are highly digestible and improve productivity within the digestive tract.


Our Product Lines

Healthy lagoons/pits products

Healthy Pits/Lagoons

Treat deep pits and lagoons naturally. Reduce sludge and odor, while restoring ecological balance with our easy-to-use products. Our products won’t fizz or foam when they are applied. They go right to the bottom of the pit where it is needed and go to work right away.
Healthy Animals products

Healthy Animals

Support animal wellness with our safe, all-natural products. Our species specific formulas are highly digestible and improve productivity levels within the digestive tract.
Healthy crops products - Eradicator-F and Promote

Healthy Crops

Reduce stress on crops and generate bigger yields with Healthy Crops products. Our all-natural solutions increase stress tolerance, nutrient uptake, and yield potential.



5 stars

“I am a corn and soybean grower in NW Iowa and I also lease a 2400 head hog building through CFE Coop. The main reason for having the hog building is so we can have access to the manure instead of using commercial fertilizer. This past year we used Healthy Farms AgraSpheres in our deep pits and we were amazed by the higher nutrient value we saw in the manure. By using the AgraSpheres we averaged a savings of $65.00 per acre, when compared to other non-treated barns. Also, we saw reduced crusting, less flies, reduced foaming and it was an overall better environment for the animals and workers. Next year we plan to incorporate Healthy Farms products into all the manure we apply on our land.”

Brady W.

Hartley, Iowa