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All-Natural Agricultural Supplies and Products for Farming

Healthy Farms is a trusted source for agricultural supplies and natural products for farming, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality agricultural items to support your farming endeavors. Whether you’re in search of top-notch farm fertilizers, soil conditioners, or other essential agricultural products, Healthy Farms has you covered.

The Healthy Farms® division of Bioverse provides safe and all-natural agricultural solutions to effectively treat livestock manure. The origin of our company and products can be traced back, in part, to 2003 when Dr. Conrad Schmidt was hired by New Fashion Pork of Jackson, Minnesota to design a safe and all-natural livestock manure treatment system for farms.

Our All Natural Product Lines

Healthy lagoons/pits products

Healthy Pits/Lagoons

Treat deep pits and lagoons naturally. Reduce sludge and odor, while restoring ecological balance with our easy-to-use all-natural agricultural supplies, treatments, and products. Our natural agricultural products won’t fizz or foam when they are applied. They go right to the bottom of the pit where it is needed and go to work right away.




At Healthy Farms®, we take pride in delivering exceptional agricultural solutions that manage livestock manure on your farm through a diverse range of all-natural agricultural solutions tailored to suit your specific requirements. As a nationwide distributor, we supply a comprehensive selection of all-natural agricultural treatments, inoculants,
treatments, inoculants, and more at budget-friendly prices. Obtain your routine and innovative agricultural supplies from Healthy Farms®, a distinguished branch of Bioverse dedicated to offering secure and eco-friendly remedies for effectively managing livestock manure. Our company is renowned for promoting all-natural agricultural solutions, ensuring a sustainable approach to farming.

All-Natural Agricultural Supplies For Farming

We specialize in offering a comprehensive range of all-natural livestock manure treatment solutions to help you control pits and lagoons on your farm. Our all-natural farming products go beyond traditional treatments and hold a variety of nutrients that provide a safer and more sustainable alternative to farming. Utilizing our products lets you improve your farming practices, ensuring more efficient and effective management of livestock manure. 

As dedicated distributors with years of experience in the industry, our commitment to research ensures that we consistently bring you the most innovative and leading-edge agricultural supplies and products available in the market. Healthy Farms®, our trusted brand, presents an array of exceptional products and blends that promise to revolutionize your livestock manure treatment methods.

Trust Healthy Farms® For Your Farming Needs

At our agricultural solutions company, we are adept at locating suitable and affordable generic replacements for your needs. If you have any questions about the chemical products you need, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team of agricultural experts will be delighted to guide you through every step of the process, helping you reduce your overall input costs while maintaining the best results.

For additional information regarding our agricultural supplies and directions on how to use them, check out our product info sheets. Locate a Healthy Farms® all-natural agricultural supplies distributor near you and purchase your products today!




Two time a year deep pit manure treatment that is dropped through the floor, to help liquefies sludge, slurry and crust


Two time a year deep pit manure treatment that is tossed into the pumpout port, to help liquefies sludge, slurry and crust

Digester CF

Rapidly liquefies feed spills in a matter of weeks

Activator Plus

Manure inoculant for crusting

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5 stars

“I am a corn and soybean grower in NW Iowa and I also lease a 2400 head hog building through CFE Coop. The main reason for having the hog building is so we can have access to the manure instead of using commercial fertilizer. This past year we used Healthy Farms AgraSpheres in our deep pits and we were amazed by the higher nutrient value we saw in the manure. By using the AgraSpheres we averaged a savings of $65.00 per acre, when compared to other non-treated barns. Also, we saw reduced crusting, less flies, reduced foaming and it was an overall better environment for the animals and workers. Next year we plan to incorporate Healthy Farms products into all the manure we apply on our land.”

Brady W.

Hartley, Iowa