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Our History

Bioverse building Bioverse® was initially started in 1995 as a research and development company that focused on creating safe and innovative ways to improve pond water quality by using microbials. In 2008, Bioverse was bought by two veterinarians and one successful international businessman. Bioverse prides themselves in being microbial experts.

The Healthy Farms® division of Bioverse provides safe and all-natural solutions to effectively treat livestock manure. The origin of our company and products can be traced back, in part, to 2003 when Dr. Conrad Schmidt was hired by New Fashion Pork of Jackson, Minnesota to design a safe and all-natural livestock manure treatment system.

The goal was to liquefy solids, reduce crusting and treat manure both economically and effectively. After many tests and trials, the AgraSphere® was developed. The AgraSphere biodegradable dispenser has since become the industry’s gold standard due to its innovative delivery method, ease of use and patented blend of bacteria and microbes.

Today, Healthy Farms has expanded our line of manure nutrient management products and also offers products for animal wellness as well as row crop. It’s leadership is committed to innovative, safe, all-natural applications which are used across the United States.