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ACTIVATOR PLUS® Compost Activator

Agricultural manure inoculant, for crusting

per pail or bag

Activator PLUS® compost activator treats manure storage systems with an easy-to-use, dry powder formula of microbial organisms. This activator liquefies suspended solids and sludges and creates conditions not suitable for insect larvae growth.

Activator PLUS® compost activator is available in a bag or pail.

Tip: We recommend using in conjunction with AgraSphere® and AgraSlat®

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  • Agricultural manure inoculant
  • Contains microbial organisms
  • Liquefies suspended solids and sludge and creates a condition not suitable for insect larva growth
  • Easy to use, dry-powder formula


  • Shallow pit systems to reduce sludge buildup
  • Deep pit systems to liquefy crusting
  • To help prevent crusting and foaming
  • To help reduce odor
  • Along with AgraSphere® and AgraSlat®

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Weight 25 lbs
Package Type

Bag, Pail


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L x W = Total Square Feet



L x W x D x 7.5 = Total Gallons



Crusted Waste System

Add 1 lb. of Activator PLUS® per 100 sq. ft. of crusting/foaming surface area
Example: 200 sq. ft. of surface area requires 2 lbs. of Activator PLUS


Day 1

  • Puncture holes in crust layer before adding Activator PLUS
  • Mix 1 lb. with 2 gallons of water, apply evenly
  • Repeat every 14 days until top crust is liquefied
  • After normalization, treat with AgraSphere® or Activator PLUS


Pull Plug/Flush System

Add 0.25 lbs. of Activator PLUS per crate or every 50 sq. ft. of area
Example: 200 sq. ft. of surface area requires 1 lb. of Activator PLUS


Day 21-28 – After flushing repeat Day 1 dosage plan

  • Repeat every 21-28 days until pits flush clean
  • Treat directly after flushing when waste residue is moist
  • Add 1 inch of water to the flush pit prior to treating
  • Add Activator PLUS to the pit, mix 1 lb. with 1 gallon of water and apply evenly
  • Wash excess solution into the pit
  • Allow disinfectants to dry prior to treatment
  • Maintain external storage by adding AgraSphere
  • Repeat twice yearly or as needed to maintain performance


Deep Pit Containment

Add 100 lbs. of Activator PLUS per 1,000 head swine grower/finisher, 400,000 gallon storage capacity, or 1 lb. per 150 sq. ft. of surface area
Example: 2,000 head swine grower/finisher requires 200 lbs. of Activator PLUS


Day 1 – Add 100 lbs.

  • Add 1 lb. to 2 gallons of water
  • Apply evenly to the waste holding surface area
  • Repeat in 10-14 days with 50 lbs. if top layer is not liquefied
  • Treat yearly at pump out time by adding 50 lbs. directly into containment facility on final agitation