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Agra-Biocide® XT

Liquid agriculture insect control

Agra-Biocide®XT is an all-natural, safe and non-toxic insect control product that hinders maturation of larva to adult.

Agra-Biocide®XT is available in a 2.5 gallon jug.

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To control insect populations in and around:

  • Contained livestock manure
  • Agricultural lagoons
  • Retention ponds
  • Standing water
  • Areas containing organic matter





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2.5 gallon Jug


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Day One:

Apply 1 pound of Agra-Biocide® XT directly to each 110 sq. ft. of surface area to be treated

  • Calculate Total Surface Area to be treated (TSA)
  • Length X Width = TSA in sq. ft.
  • TSA / 110 sq. ft. X 1 pound Agra-Biocide®XT = total amount of Agra-Biocide®XT to be applied over the treatment area
  • It is recommended to apply the total dosage of granular product evenly over and around the area that is treated

Day Seven:

Repeat Day One dosage


Day 21:

Apply 1 pound of Agra-BioCide / each 110 sq. ft. of surface area

  • Based on insect populations retreat every 14 days with Day One dosage as needed
  • Dosing requires a minimum of two treatments at Day One and Day Seven
  • Recommended application rates are based on normal dosing levels
  • The dosing rate can be increased or decreased for maximum treatment effect