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Mega Strong Crust Eliminator

For non-responsive manure conditions

Mega Strong Crust Eliminator™ is a liquid manure containment system designed to rapidly digest crusting and organic matter. It contains a highly concentrated formulation to be used in extreme cases of crusting and organic matter buildup.

Mega Strong Crust Eliminator is available in a 12.5 lb. pail.

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  • Formulated to rapidly digest extensive crusting and organic matter
  • Concentrated formulation of selected microbial isolates, enzymes, and remediation stimulants that rapidly inoculate and digest accumulations of agricultural organic matter



  • For liquefaction of manure
  • Remediation of accumulated crusting and organic matter
  • Extreme cases of crusting




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Weight 12.5 lbs
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Add 1 lb. of Mega Strong Crust Eliminator (MSCE) per 500 sq. ft. (12.5 lb. pail will treat 6,250 sq. ft.)
Example: 50 ft. x 200 ft. barn is 10,000 sq. ft., 10,000/500 = 20 pounds of MSCE


Crusted Manure Systems

  • Break the crust layer (puncture one 10 inch hole for every 500 sq. ft.) before adding MSCE
  • Mix 1 lb. of MSCE for every 2 gallons of water to create a slurry mix
  • Pour 2 gallons of mixed slurry directly into each hole at 1 lb. of mixture per hole
  • Repeat every 14 days until crust is liquefied
  • After normalization, treat with AgraSphere® or AgraSlat® per labeled directions


Pull Plug/Flush Systems

  • After flushing the system, add 1 inch of water to the pit prior to treating
  • Mix at a ratio of 1 lb. of MSCE for every 2 gallons of water to create a slurry mix
  • Pour slurry mix evenly at 1 lb. for every 500 sq. ft.
  • Hold for a minimum of 30 days before next flush
  • Repeat after every flush, until pit is normalized


Deep Pit Containment System

  • For solid liquefaction and crust prevention, use AgraSphere or AgraSlat
  • After liquefaction, use AgraSphere or AgraSlat to maintain pit