By leveraging product synergies, the companies will be expanding their offerings to customers seeking optimal results for all-natural crop and hobby farm solutions.


Worthington, MN, April 21, 2021 

Bioverse, Inc and EvoAgTec Corp, today, announced a commercial relationship that leverages their product synergies to market and sell an expanded portfolio of all-natural agricultural solutions. In addition to an extended range of products, a vital component of their partnership is a shared mission to provide optimal results for customers seeking environmentally-friendly solutions for growing crops and vegetables, managing manure, and cleaning farms.

The companies first discovered their respective products’ synergistic effect during a large North Carolina dairy farm study. The study’s objective was to determine the best-performing solution for manure management of lagoons. While each company’s product performed well, they utilized different active ingredients to achieve results. This realization led to exploring the effect of blending their products. Their blended solution became part of the dairy lagoon trial and a research project for an expansive swine lagoon in North Carolina, each producing outstanding results.

“It is significant to highlight the importance and novelty of the two companies collaborating to provide the best possible solution for the customer,” commented Max Schafer, CEO of EvoAgTec. “Traditionally, companies viewed other businesses within their industry as competitors and sought ways in which to compete. Our companies. instead, recognized the importance and added value to the customer when our businesses work in partnership,” concluded Schafer.

Lori Henning, president of Bioverse, stated, “Working with EvoAgTec and Max, in particular, proved to be a seamless collaboration. Both companies came to the table with the knowledge that together, we could provide the best possible solutions for our respective customers and ultimately for the planet.” Henning concluded by saying, “Maintaining focus on our customers and the planet allowed us to overcome issues that could have easily halted the collaboration.”

EvoAgTec and Bioverse are excited to continue their collaborative R&D relationship enabling them to expand and improve their range of products and solutions. Their commercial agreement and resulting partnership signify a shared commitment to developing and offering safe, innovative, and environmentally-friendly solutions benefiting the vast applications within agriculture, golf & turf, pond health, and home & garden.

About EvoAgTec

EvoAgTec, based in Newton Grove, NC, is a specialized biotechnology and services company dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture practices. With over 25 years of experience, EvoAgTec’s team has delivered customized and commercially available agricultural solutions enabling producers to reach their goals and achieve optimal results through safe, all-natural, and environmentally-friendly practices. The company’s unique ability to utilize natural materials to activate naturally occurring microbes without adding synthetic chemicals enables healthier plant production. This unique process is a core component of EvoAgTec’s growing range of products and services.

About Bioverse®

Bioverse, a biotechnology company located in Worthington, MN, is committed to innovative, safe, and all-natural applications used across the United States. Founded in 1995 as an R&D company focused on creating safe and inventive ways to improve pond water quality using microbials. After years of formulation, testing, and approvals, the company introduced its first commercial product line in 1999. Over the years, Bioverse has expanded to include three premier brands- HealthyPonds, Healthy Farms, and most recently, Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions.