Plant root stimulant

Promote the yield potential of every plant by simply spraying on the seed the day of planting. The complex, 21-strain mixture of all-natural microbes in Promote MSE seizes nitrogen from the ground and air and unlocks nutrients like phosphorus, potassium and other minerals that are already in your fields. That level of nutritional assistance equalizes plant-growth key to maximum crop yield.

Promote™ is available in a 55 gram pouch – each pouch treats 40 acres

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  • Brings all plants up to full capacity
  • Equalizes growing for better yields
  • Promotes uniformity in plant growth for maximum yields

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  • Spray on the seed right before you plant
 Application  Treatment Frequency
For Seed Treatment 1.4 grams per 140,00 seeds  Planting
For Seed Treatment 55 gram bag treats – 40 units Planting
In Furrow 1.4 grams per acre Planting
Field Corn
For Seed Treatment  3.5 grams per 80,000 kernels Planting
Planting  55 gram bag treats 15 – 80,000 kernel bag Planting
In Furrow 1.4 grams per acre infarrow Planting