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Poultry DFM

Poultry gut health feed additive

ComfortFeeds™ Poultry DFM (Direct Fed Microbial) supports animal wellness. This direct feed, feed grade microbial formulation assists with gut health as a standalone ingredient or combined with other nutrients. Maximize your poultry’s nutritional uptake with Poultry DFM.

Swine DFM  is available in a 50 lb. bag.

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  • Unique formulation for supporting animal wellness and enteric stability in nutritional formulations
  • All-natural, non-antibiotic, GRAS formulation
  • Microbial formulation contains selected GRAS cultures and unidentified fermentation factors that are non-antibiotic
  • Provides beneficial enteric microbial support for poultry
  • Promotes competitive inhibition (CI) within the intestinal track, creating a barrier to pathogenic attachment
  • Increases native microflora that produce lactic acid, which helps to control pathogens



  • To maintain and promote a healthy intestinal lining essential for maximizing nutrient uptake
  • Direct fed, feed grade, GRAS microbial formulation for when natural microbial assistance to gut health and animal wellness is needed
  • As a standalone ingredient or combined with other nutrients




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Growing Poultry

  • Give 0.5 lb. per ton of complete feed

Example: 2 tons of complete feed requires 1 lb. of Poultry DFM


Stress Periods

  • Give 1 lb. per ton of complete feed

Example: 2 tons of complete feed requires 2 lbs. of Poultry DFM



Based on the favorable responses seen in existing DF Bacillus strains used in applications that have positive effects in animals under nutritional and digestive stresses or are subject to enteric disease