Control Foaming Swine Slurry | Healthy Farms

What Is Foaming?

Foaming is when certain conditions come together to produce and trap large amounts of methane gas in stabilized bubbles that can be anywhere from 6 inches to 4 feet deep.

Why Control It?

The methane trapped in the foam is at a density of 50%-70%. Methane gas is explosive at 5%-15% concentration. Hundreds of barns have had flash fires and explosions. Also foaming reduces pit capacity dramatically, often coming through the floor slats to endanger pigs and personnel.

How To Control It?

Healthy Farms has worked with hundreds of producers and integrator and have developed a consistent method to safely control swine slurry foaming.

  1. Maximize ventilation. 77% of flash fires/explosions occurred when ventilation was off.
  2. Turn off any possible sources of ignition in the barn
  3. Use Healthy Farms Agitation Defoamer at a rate of 1 gallon per 100,000 gallon of slurry to knock down the foam.
    • This product is safe for animals but is not a long term solution.
  4. Add Coban 90 / Rumensin 90 (Monensin) at rate of 5 lbs. / 100,000 gallons of slurry directly to the pit
    • Not safe for animals! Make sure none is left for pigs to consume
    • Will kill microbes in pit
  5. Reinoculate slurry with Healthy Farms Activator Plus (1 lbs per 50 head spaces) 2-3 weeks after using Monensin.

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