Improves seed to soil contact

Use RowBust™ to help each plant continue getting optimum nutrition for equal plant growth throughout the growing season. RowBust is a group of beneficial, all-natural microorganisms that helps the plant reach nutrients tied up in the soil. The fulvic acid in RowBust stimulates plant metabolism, increases enzyme activity and plays an important part in efficient respiration.

RowBust is available in a 2.5 gallon jug

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  • Encourages better seed to soil contact
  • Achieves a more even stand establishment
  • Improves fungicide performance
  • Mix with fungicide / insecticide foliar application.

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Weight 21.1 lbs
Package Type

2.5 gallon jug (2 jugs/case)


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 Application  Treatment Frequency
Agriculture  16 ounces per acre in furrow  Planting
Agriculture  16 ounces per acre with fertilizer 2×2 Planting
Planting  16 ounces per acre with fertilizer 2×2 1-2 applications