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Micromune Xpress – Probiotic + Electrolytes

Supports the digestive system during times of stress


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Naturally support your farm animals digestion

Probiotic + Electrolytes

  • Micromune Xpress supports the digestive system during times of environmental stress, intestinal distress or recovery periods. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.
  • Over 1 Trillion CFU beneficial bacteria
  • Formulated for Farm Animals: Swine, Poultry and Ruminants


Ingredients: Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus plantarum, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, dextrose, FD&C Blue No. 1, flavoring

Guaranteed Analysis greater than 8 Billion CFU/gm:
1.75 Billion CFU/gm Bacillus subtilis
1.75 Billion CFU/gm Bacillus licheniformis
0.25 Billion CFU/gram Bacillus coagulans
0.25 Billion CFU/gm Lactobacillus plantarum

Full bag makes up to 500 gallons of Micromune Xpress infused drinking water

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Water Dilution Directions

Daily Maintenance: Add 1/2 teaspoon per 2 gallons of drinking water daily
Environmental Stress, Intestinal Stabilization or recovery periods:
Add 1 teaspoon to each gallon of drinking water daily for 3-5 days or as needed. Use until the stress period is over.
During conditions of low water consumption, use 2 teaspoons per gallon of drinking water. For best results, make a fresh batch of Micromune Xpress infused drinking water daily.
This product is safe and has no harmful effects when used at higher levels for long periods of time. Do not under treat.


For simple stomach and pre-weaned ruminant preferred use.


Storage: Store away from heat and sunlight. Use all product within a year of opening bag.


Precautions: Avoid creating dust while mixing and follow standard safety precautions for mixing dry ingredients. Handle only after consulting material safety data sheet.


This microbial product was produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program; for details go to: www.safefeedsafefood.org.