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AquaSphere®PRO Biodegradable

All-natural, time-release, pond water, stock tank & stock dam cleaner

Treats 1,000 to 1,500,000 Gallons

The AquaSphere®PRO biodegradable water cleaning dispenser from Healthy Ponds® introduces beneficial bacteria into water features on your farm or ranch. It reduces excess nutrients and breaks down organic matter that clouds water.

The AquaSphere®PRO sinks to the bottom to treat ponds, stock tanks and stock dams for up to 30 days. The spheres are safe for livestock, plants, pets and people.

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AquaSphere®PRO is best used in conjunction with other Healthy Ponds products for effective water treatment and maintenance. Remember to add a new sphere to your pond or stock tank every 30 days (water temperatures 45 degrees and above).

It’s important to use the correct treatment size for your specific water feature. You cannot over treat water but under treating may not yield desired results.

This veterinarian-approved product is safe for livestock, wildlife, plants, pets and people, keeping your water clean in an environmentally friendly way.

Disclaimer: Models are molded from resins that have been certified compostable to the requirements of ASTM D6400 and shown to be marine degradable per the requirements of ASTM D7081.

1,000 AquaSpherePRO is 4 inches in diameter
12,500 AquaSpherePRO is 4 inches in diameter
50,000 AquaSpherePRO is 6 inches in diameter
250,000 AquaSpherePRO is 6 inches in diameter
500,000 AquaSpherePRO is 6 inches in diameter
1,000,000 AquaSpherePRO is 6 inches in diameter
1,500,000 AquaSpherePRO is 6 inches in diameter

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Gallons to Treat

1,000 Gallon, 12,500 Gallon, 50,000 Gallon, 250,000 Gallon, 500,000 Gallon, 1,000,000 Gallon, 1,500,000 Gallon

Package Options

Single, 2 Pack, 3 Pack


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All you need to do is take the sphere out of the plastic bag it comes in and gently toss it into your pond. The AquaSphere®PRO will sink to the bottom of your pond, stock tank or dam and will start working within minutes. If you are using more than one sphere evenly distribute throughout your water feature.

Repeat this process every 30-days.

1. Use in self-contained ponds and retention areas.
2. Keep Healthy Ponds spheres dry until pond application.
3. Do not use with chemicals or algaecides.
4. Use the proper dose; based on calculated number of required spheres.
5. Treat water over 45°F and under 110°F.

Note: The AquaSpherePRO will clean your pond regardless of the material your water feature is made out of. The sphere itself, however, may not breakdown if your water feature has a concrete or liner bottom without a sludge layer. If this is the case, you may choose to leave the sphere in the water feature or remove it after one month and dispose of it in your regular garbage.


Microbial treatment in ponds with low oxygen levels, high water stagnation (no aeration), with high levels of organic matter AND containing high levels of fish populations run a risk of initiating fish death due to low water oxygen levels. It is recommended that ponds stocked with fish be tested for oxygen levels as well as having a source of aeration in the pond prior to treatment with microbials.


  • Treatment with microbials requires oxygen to establish bioremediation.
  • Microbial treatments will reduce the water oxygen levels as the bioremediation occurs.
  • Healthy Ponds microbial products are all natural, safe, and effective for fish if there is enough oxygen for all the fish contained in that pond.
  • Ponds with high fish levels should have mechanical aeration systems in place as treatment is started for improved results.
  • Ponds with low oxygen levels should be treated with a water oxygenator prior to microbial application.


  • Low oxygen levels will produce localized fish death in any pond.
  • High heat will decrease the oxygen levels in ponds (as water temperatures increase the oxygen levels will decrease).
  • Ponds overstocked with fish will have lower oxygen levels than a pond that has no fish.
  • Excess amounts of organic debris will lower water oxygen levels.
  • Shallow ponds will always have lower water oxygen levels than ponds that are deeper.