Deep pit foam reducer

AgraOil is a deep pit foam reducer that is a blend of all-natural bio-based oils and surfactants formulated for agricultural waste holding systems. AgraOil is to be used to control foaming and reduce gas production in inoperative waste holding systems. AgraOil is a safe defoamer because it does not rapidly pop the bubbles of concentrated methane too quickly, allowing the ppm to combustible levels. It also does not cause long-term harm to manure and soil microbes.

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AgraOil Storage & Container Disposal:

  • Store  in original container and place in a safe, cool, and dry environment.
  • Do not reuse containers.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Store at temperatures over 32° F.




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Dosage rate:

1 gallon/400 square feet of surface area

  • Apply directly and evenly down the center of the barn from one end to the other. Oil will spread across the entire surface of the pit eliminating the production of foam.
  • Optional: Repeat every three days to reduce foam and gas production as needed.

Note: Under normal foaming conditions, one application will stop the production of foam. Systems that require treatments for foaming will need microbial activation, such as AgraSphere®, after the AgraOil is applied.